Sunday, October 25, 2015


I has been jomping too. I donut meen for you all to think that i has hung up my teeny saddul.

Mom and I goes to a jomping show at the same place as my wesstern dressahzj place. We jomps!

Our photographer's timing was off a liddle. But that is OK becuz ther is also video!

We does 2 rounds. heer is the first and then heer is the second

We wins ribbins! and a Pink bag for my Roxie treets!

My Pink bag says CHAMPION because that is what I is, a Champion Roxie. :]

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mounted shootering

So. Un be knowwenst to me. Mom has a GOAL that we is going to do more mounter shooting this year.

I know you need speshul guns and a fancie belt. We did nut have those things, but now we do.

So there was time spent this spring lerning again to ware ear plugs. I do not like ear plugs, but this is OK becuz heer is what it looks liek to learn to ware em:

You can see the strings on my haltur. I donut mind ear plugs if the trade off is grasses like theese.

We have not had grass like that for AGES.

That grass wuz so great. 

I miss it.

. . . 

Anyways. So. Mom lerns that there is a Mounted Shootering Coach near our Roxie house. She signs us up for a clinic, but we has to cancel becuz of when I got my leg stuck in the fense.

But she makes a deel with the Coach lady for private lessons instead.

So we trucks over ther an I learns abouwt shooting again. This involves being shootded around, by your hooman.

Ther is also dry fire practice where you trot an canner arownd the cone things an mom pretends to shoot but the gun just does clicky click instead of a big boom.

Ther is also a drill where we ride with Coach Cortney on her teeny horse Copper, and she shoots. Or we ride with Coach and Mom shoots. It's scarey! I donut mind the big booms but ther is a HUGE SMOKE CLOUD an I HAETE SMOKE.

Coach Cortny is nice tho. She has a web deal that is all about mounted shooting. In case you wants to lern more. 

Maybe som day I will get over my fears of smoke.

One of the best ways to do this is to go hang out at a shoot:

We also rided around and set balloons. 

Wen a person goes, they shoot balloons. It is my Roxie Job to go out there an replace dead ones with new ones. 

So we ride out with a arm load of these.

Ther is so many people here to watch!

And everyone is all "Boy that big horse is sure great." Probly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wesstern dressahzj Part 2

Show time!

Here is us at the show place:

I will walk you thru the whole thing. Here is us comming up center line:

Heer is our halt an salute: 


That will let Mom know who is in charge heer.

Anyways. Then we jogs off: 

I is not gonna be onna bit! I HAETE onna bit!

Oh wells. Back to work.

Here is some jogging:

An here is some cannering. Wesstern dressahzj calls it a lope:

Then there is a walk break. 

Then we does a haunch turn. I don't feel like doing a good job of this: 

Grumpy. ~>:(
 So i registers a complain with the judge. No snafful can stop it:

Then we jogs on again!

And there is more jogging: 

And more lopering: 

Then we jogs up center an stops!

All done!

Wait. I has to do some backin up. 

Then we is For Real All Done! 

And i wins! Hooray for wesstern!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wesstern dressahzj Part 1

So, wen last you saw a Roxie. I wuz nursing my neck-hole. Mom gives me wonder drogs in GRAIN FOODS so i eets them in grain and the best part of that is that I get less itchy and also is how i get grain foods.

Anyhoo. My neck hole heals up an mom decides i may be seen in public again.

So we goes and does wesstern dressahzj. This is like normal dressahzj except for it is better. It is better in these ways:

1) Mom does not yell at me for snotting on her wite pants

2) i may wear a fancie saddle blanket

3) My reins can be more looser! Hooray!

4) Ther is no need for braidings.

5) Mom is not all "NAGGY kicky nag nag Roxie go fastur and moves your feets and trot harder and be better" all the time. It is more "ima sit here and let you flop around at a Roxie jog."


So anyways. We goes to a trainer and does some practicing.

Mom is trying to figure out which of my many Roxie bridles to use. Wesstern dressahzj allows curb bits, and these curbs does help my Roxie flexings. 

Ultimately mom deecides to ride me in a Roxie snaffle. This is good becuz it is much more easier for me to ignore a snaffle and go where i want to go.

Anyways. Next post: Show time!