Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happie Chrissmiss

Hallo!  Crismiss happens.  This is a day when I get nice Roxie things for NO REASON.

There is a Roxie coat brush, an some Udder Budders, an a Likit thing.


Mom has to kina explane what this is.

I think I gets the idea.

I also donot think this Likit thing will last real long.

Friday, December 7, 2012


So.  Not much happens latelee.  I gets rided, an i gets lots of massahjes, an lots of treets. Altho, lots of treets is still not enuff treets for me, Roxie.

I can post a video at leest.  Here is me being awsome Roxie jomping pony.

Heer is som stills.  They is blurry a-cuz of Mom's camera.

Right leed is hard, you guys!  Seriosly.
Bonus Roxie Shadow.

The video I shows you? It is taken by Tiny Marrissa!  I has not seen her in so long. I allows her to ride me som more.

Altho Mom sayz "no stirops" for her cuz of her little slippy shoes.

Marrissa also brings me Roxie granola bars.  Thees is the BEST Roxie treet!

Thank you, Tiny Marissa!