Monday, December 30, 2013


Does you all reememmer this post? Where there is kittin cats?

Heer is a up date.

2 of thees kittins comes home with Mom.

They is giant an lazy now.

Heer they is, holding down Uncle Scott. He is perturbded by this. 

That is all.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I LOVE Crismiss so much!

You gets free things just becuz someone loves you. Like loves on its own isn't enuff.

So anyways. Mom gets me 2 flavored licks for Crismiss!

I gets peppermint. And carrot flavor.

I spose Trixie gets nothing? But I will gladly share with her. This is my choise, and it is NOT becuze Trixie bosses me or any thing like that.

(Editor's note: Trixie is boss mare, in a big way.)

I also gets some alf for dinner. Normallee, alf is reserved for when it is super cold out. And I has been promissed a new Roxie rope haltur to replace the one that I has mangled.  

Happie Crismiss to every one! I hope you all gets nice stuff in addishun to your everyday loves too.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Chase!

One of my favrite ways to be Roxie rided is The Chase.

This refers to wen I goes out an chases after som thing or someone.

Usually the chasee is Mom's Matt on a bysickle.

Bysickles are skeery machines that make weerd pingy noises. I do not likes them much, except wen they is in front of me an running away.

Then I will chase them so bad. Even on hard freezy ground, wen it is raining.

I will run to catch up too. I may not dig a bysickle, but I also donut dig beeing left alone out in the woods.

Then, afterwards. You is all Roxie swetty becuz Mom does not shave you this year. So you stand in the cold and you steem for a second.
Picshured: steem.
 Then you gets a whole mess of coolers put on you.

This first one is a cotton mesh which will ab sorb all your swetts.

Mesh does not keep you warms, tho. So hurry up with the next cooler.

Your pink cooler goes over your meshy one. So the meshy one ab sorbs all your wets, an the pink one keeps you warm under there.

Hay there.

Then you yawn because you is BORED with all this fussing. 

Then you gets to walk around, and maybe eet a little old grasses, until you is all dried out.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

LOL onna rope halter

So. You know how horse peepul is all "I use ROPE HALTURS becuz they is SO STRONG an SO UNBRAKEABLE."

Well. These rope halturs has not met a ROXIE before! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Mom is all "This is my hoomin fault for not using both chin loopies." She does NOT admit that this is also her hoomin fault for scaring a Roxie an making a Roxie deecide to get gone frum the tie post.

In con clusion. Roxie - 1, Rope haltur - 0. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tiny Trix watching hunners go.

My Roxie trael activity which I enjoy so muchly is under temporary shutdown due to hunning season.

In case you donot know. Hunning is when you go in the woods an wack a deer and then take it home and eet it.

You can also wack a bird an then take it home and eet it, but most peeple go for deers. There is more to eet on a deer, so it is more bang for your BUCK. YOU SEE THE JOKE THAT I MAKE RIGHT THER? A "BUCK" is a BOY DEER. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Go Roxie with Roxie funnies.

Most of my fave trails are also allowed to be used by hunners. This is Ok with me, as long as I is not harmed in any way.

But mom says we must stay out of the woods for a little bit.

Friday, November 15, 2013


I is still here!


I wuld like to talk abowt jobs.

Jobs is thees things you do wen you wuld rather be eeting or doing Roxie sleeps.

My Roxie job is to carry Mom around an go where she says at what speed she says. Somtimes she demands that I lift a Roxie Back or Sholder or some such, or jomp a fense. I do these things because then I earns hays and treets and peppurmints. Also, because fense-jomping is rad.

Picshured: Fence Jomping.

Hoomins has jobs too. Mom has a hoomin job all summer. This is a stressy thing on Mom because of this job. It is far away from me, Roxie, an is unenjoyable works. As a reesult, I gets a lot of time off this summer! This is grate, except for the part where I has becom kina heavy. :(

Given my Roxie heaviness, Mom has scaled back my jomping fun. BUT. I do gets to go on more trail rides. 


Sometimes theese rides is me by myself.

Som times I goes with Holly the nayber an her splotchy horse Gidget.

Som times we goes in the almost-dark!

Some times Mom rides on traels on a tiny Trixie too. But this is un important.

Oh, and also. We rides around in the pasture. Mom an Mom's Matt builded me a Roxie shelter and i will totally carry you over to check it out frum the inside. 


So any ways. Mom had a busy because of her Job. But this job is all done now. So ther will be more Roxie advenchers! And Mom my typer can do more typing about these.

'Bout TIME. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Roxie wins dis

Som times your Mom wants to do things to you that is meen.

Like one day. I is onna grass, eeting the grass. An mom is all "HAY Roxie let us put D Wormer in your MOUF" and I is like "NO becuz ROXIES do NOT TOLLERATE D Wormer EVER" an a big Mom vs. Roxie fight ensues! Ther is LOTS of Roxie head shakings an Mom is all "Come ooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you big cow" an other meen sayings.

The end result is this, tho.

Lots of D wormer all over the place an very little inna Roxie mouf.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Who iz this?

Hold the fone, you guys.

Mom shows up one day with a little horse. Like a littler an darker version of Roxie, but still. Not a Roxie.

I is like conserned, but only mildly. Espeshialy when Mom is all "donut worry, Roxie, you is still my favrite and I love you the best." I is all "well OK then" and that is that.

Mom has ben making hints that it wuld be a REEL NICE THING if I allows this little Roxie-ish to maybe do bloggin. THIS, I is not sure how I feels about.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Advenchers! Part FOUR

So heer we go agin with yet an other advencher!

This one is a little bit after the big show thing where I is such a Good Roxie. An it starts in the usual way, where Mom is all "Hay Roxie, please to be for getting in your Roxie Trailur" and I is all "Derp, Okay."

So i do this, an we rides down the road for a wile.

It is another Weet Drive with nothing but weet!

But then we get to a hilly bit with trees and grasses.

See? Trees an grasses.

And more hill-ness.

But then we gets to the top! An there is a super nice farm place there.

It is a nice place to show my Roxie truck off.

I gets out, and is tied to my trailur.


Then I gets my saddul on, and I goes to do works! First I goes and does dressazhj works, while a trainer laydee watches. This is all pritty boring, an there is no picsures. Then I gets to go into a stall, an eat some hays and drink some watters. And I evun gets a nap.

Then I goes to my trailur again! I gets my saddul on some more, and we goes an does a little bit of jumpings.

Heer is me pondering the jusstice of being rided TOO times in a single day.


This is OK tho, beecuz we barely jomps anything at all. It is like the trainer laydee there does not unnerstand Roxie greatness over fenses.

Heer is one of the 2 areenas. I does the jomping in this one. They use a little CAR to do dragging on it!

Then after we is done jomping, Mom hoses me off, an walks me around and lets me eat ALL the grasses. There is neet new grasses at this farm! And cool animals too. I evun finds a big FROG.  

Yep, that's abowt right.

I goes to my stall wen it starts to get dark, an I goes to sleeps.

Then the next day, there is more dressahzj!  

It's still BO RING.

And there is still no picsures.

But then I rests again, and goes to do jomping!

This day of jomping is WAY more fun because we do XC jomping! And Mom is like "Hey Roxie, go jomp whatever fenses you want!" and I DO!!

Heer is pictures:

This is right after I jomped a BIG coopey thing but our photo laydee was off on her timing. 

This one is after I jomps that big log!

Heer is me about to jomp a fence!

Heer is me jomping it wrong! Mom says "jomp straight" and I is all "NO I will jomp Roxie Diagomal!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

So then I has to go jomp that last one again. But I does it perfect! And then I is all done, and I gets to go in my trailur and go home.

YAY for Roxie! Another sucsessful advencher!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Advenchers! Part THREE

So, as I has promised. More Roxie advenchers.

So we goes on another advencher and this is how it starts. Mom hooks up my trock and Roxie trailur an we goes down the road. I has not been in there real long wen, can you beleeve it? My trailur starts with the wiggling an wobbling again! An Mom is all "OH no way is this happuning!!" and "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THEY TOLD ME THEY FIXDED IT" an some other words that is not OK for a Roxie to repeet on a blog. And I is all "well OK" an we turns a trock an trailer around and then drives slower and soon I is back in my Roxie pasture and I is all "Cool."

Then Mom takes my trailur off of my truck an drives my truck away.

She is gone a real long time but there was some truck switcheroo happuning.

(Editor's note: Never should have switched from Chevy)

SO I is hanging out in my pasture, and heer comes Mom with a brand new Roxie trock! Hooray!

And so these is all hooked back up, an then I gets in my trailer and we is FINELEE off on a real advencher! This trock is nice, there is no more swaying around and I can evun nap a little.

So I is in my trailer for a while, and I starts to smell good smells.  Like hays and cows an weets but mostly hays. When Mom stops my trailur, I gets out, and I is at Kate's horse house! It is getting dark by this time, but I knows Kate from her mom's blog. :)

So i goes into a passture with great grasses, an hay, an watters! This is awesome. It is a nice place to be, and I can stretch out my Roxie legs and RUN around and lay down and do rollings. So I does all these Roxie things. An then I go to sleeps. 

The next morning, Mom comes to get me SO erly! And I is all "NO WAY!" and "GALLOP GALLOP GALLOP!" An Mom is all "uh Roxie you is going to need all this energys" but I IS NOT LISSENING! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!! So I runs around and does Thunder Horse an wakes up the whole nayberhood.

Finelee I allows Mom to catch me. An she is all "Let us get back in your trailur" and I is like "PLEASE DONOT MAKE ME" but finelee I goes in.  

We does a MUCH shorter ride this time. Then I smells other horses! And pine trees! And Mom parks my trailur in a nice shady resting place, and I gets out. And wen i gets out, I Roxie realize that I has BEEN here before! :D

So I goes an hangs out with some other horses at their horse stalls. An there is a bunch of people there who seem to know a Roxie, and they is all "Hi Roxie!" and "Let us braid your maene!" So i allows this.


Then I is finelee ready to go into the areena an jump all the fenses!

I does a BUNCH of fence jomping. The first time, they is pritty small. An then the next time, they gets just a little bit more bigger. I donot notice this so I hits a rail and it falls down. :(

Then there is 2 more times I go do jomping, and the fences is even BIGGER! I jomps them all SO GOOD!

Heer is video.

This is a class where is is Roxie perfickt.
When you is perfickt, som times you do a jomp-off. Like fewer fences. Mom says that a jomp-off is usuallee as fast as you can go, but that this one was Oppamum Time? I donot know what that meens. But Mom says it is OK to be slower.
Heer is my Oppamum Time jomping.

This is the class where i nock a rail. :(

There is no video of the bigger fence jomping because my video girl has a horse too an she hadda go put a saddul on that horse.

An heer is the closest picsure. I is mostly too far away for pictures to com from this video.

BUT. Get this. I gets FOUR ribbins, one for each time i does fence jomping! One is bloo, one is yello and two is green, which is Mom's favorite color. :)

And then i gets all the grains and hays and carrits, and I gets to get in my trailur with my nice trock and go home in STYLE an also in comfort.

Oh, an one more thing to say. All the peeple at this show loves me an says I is there favorite horse at the whole place. Mom says she heers one lady say meen things, but I did not heer these things so I reeject this. And the nice girls at this show takes this picsture of me being Roxie adorubble. Like usual.

I is Roxie!