Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tiny Trix watching hunners go.

My Roxie trael activity which I enjoy so muchly is under temporary shutdown due to hunning season.

In case you donot know. Hunning is when you go in the woods an wack a deer and then take it home and eet it.

You can also wack a bird an then take it home and eet it, but most peeple go for deers. There is more to eet on a deer, so it is more bang for your BUCK. YOU SEE THE JOKE THAT I MAKE RIGHT THER? A "BUCK" is a BOY DEER. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Go Roxie with Roxie funnies.

Most of my fave trails are also allowed to be used by hunners. This is Ok with me, as long as I is not harmed in any way.

But mom says we must stay out of the woods for a little bit.


EvenSong said...

You just need your very own hunner ornge cardigan, Roxie, tho I can't imagine any hunners thinking you are one of dem itty bitty dears.

kbryan said...

Oh Roxie, you aren't heavy, just fluffy! I am glad that your Mom has finished her jobs so that she can devote more time to you and tiny Trixie (you are everyone's favorite, of course).

Those trail rides look pretty fun. It'll be nice when hunting season is over so that you can get back out on them.

That looks like a very nice condo shelter that you have now. Maybe some artwork though? Have your Mom get you some.

Glad you are back and hope you got lots of treats (well deserved)for Thanksgiving!