Monday, January 9, 2023


So i goes to a indoor areema to practise my greatness. 

I has never been to this place before. And i haete this place. There is rain on the roofs and a bunch of scaries inside. 

Enjoy these pics of things that are scarie. If you scare easily, you may wish to stop reeding here.

Tractor! SCAREY

This door is also maybe up to no good 

TWO mounty blocks? A tarp?! A JUMP MY MOM MADE?!?!?!


Oh wait this one is Ivy's, we good 

Spectators who all says I is so big and gorgess, i suppose this is OK.


Jump rails noooooooooo

Jump misallaneous, this is very suspish 

And then my child Halo gets rode also and i has to wait around for this to complete.

UGH this is SO BOREDOM can we just LEAVE alreddy

I hope you have enjoyed this Tour of Terror.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023


So as you all know. I is a multi talent creature.

But i bets you donut even know just how talent.

Like for example. I bets no one of you knows that i, Roxie, knows how to do karatie. Karatie is a anchient asian thing where you wack stuff with your feets until it breaks. So acshully lots of horses can do karatie but usually not as smartly as me.

So here is a example.

Two weeks ago at my Roxie house there is a big freeze. My Roxie waterer freezes up. Mom is like "grf winter bad" and gets me a heated bucket to drink out of in my stall. But i prefer my cold Roxie outside water. So i fixes the frozen part. With karatie.

So see how the back side of this waterer is froze over and snowwy. My side was like this until the big karatie chopping i dishes out.

I booshes through this much ice.


And mom is all O_O and "damn Roxie you so wise" and I'm all "yup yup."

Karatie. Do it.