Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Go Al

So mommish is a go-al person.

I donut know who is Al or why he should go. But whatev.

So there is go-als for all us horses in the upcoming yeer and this is they as I unnerstand them:

- Lern how to be on a trail becuz she is real nervus
- Lern how to do jomping and may be even on xc which is like a fast trail
- Do some fancy prancy wite pants dressahj at places that is long hauls away

- Lern how to be rided
- Maybe go to local shows and trot in circles

Halo baby:
- Get a show haltur on and lern to do beauty contests
- Go to a baby show wher they inspeck your babygreatness

I guess to lern these things she must also lern to ride in the trailer.

Lastly is me:
- Eventing!
- Wessage!
- Cookie eatin!
- Udder scritches!
- Extra graim!
- Getting told I is the best horse!
- Brushing!

(Ther is mayhaps a small possibility I assist in writing my go als)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


For some reeson, mommish is all "Hay Roxie. My frend Sara is sad so you need to allow her to ride you at a Horse Show." And i is all "Boss, horse shows is how i demunstrate my greatness." 

And so I do. 

I'm back, baby.

I goes to a sport horse eventer place and I do my skills.

There is dressahje. 

And also there is jomping. Heer is a link that shuld work:

I is kinda all loooky for mommish but she is off on a Potato somewhere so i calls for Potato and Potato is all "AAAHHHHH HEER I AM HALP ME" and wuld keep panickscreaming for me and this is fun so I keep calling just to send her into the horse rafters. And, this works well and is funnie to me. Less funnie to mommish. But who cares. This is my revenge for having to have a babbo.

So now we is even.

Anyways. I is still not in fighting shape and is having a hard time cannering. But Sara rides me excellently and the jomp part is very very small so it is Okay and also there is a bloo ribbon!

Oh and also. Everyone loves me here and is asking about me and telling me i is byootiful and wonderfull. 

Eventer people is so nice! And Sara is happie. So Mommish is happie also.