Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Go Al

So mommish is a go-al person.

I donut know who is Al or why he should go. But whatev.

So there is go-als for all us horses in the upcoming yeer and this is they as I unnerstand them:

- Lern how to be on a trail becuz she is real nervus
- Lern how to do jomping and may be even on xc which is like a fast trail
- Do some fancy prancy wite pants dressahj at places that is long hauls away

- Lern how to be rided
- Maybe go to local shows and trot in circles

Halo baby:
- Get a show haltur on and lern to do beauty contests
- Go to a baby show wher they inspeck your babygreatness

I guess to lern these things she must also lern to ride in the trailer.

Lastly is me:
- Eventing!
- Wessage!
- Cookie eatin!
- Udder scritches!
- Extra graim!
- Getting told I is the best horse!
- Brushing!

(Ther is mayhaps a small possibility I assist in writing my go als)


Cathryn said...

You seriously need to post more, because I die laughing every single time <3

kbryan said...

Those are a lot of goals, but you will be a good role model because you, Roxie, is multitalented and can do everything! You definately deserve more grains and cookies!