Saturday, December 26, 2009


Mom caem an did so many nice Crissmiss things for me, Roxie!

She taeked off my Roxie blanket an i gettded to run around in the areena.

Then she maede me some grains. Theese grains had lots of peppurmints an stuffs in them. I can see the grain frum over the areena wall.

Heer is me peering out on the grain-makin process.


Then i wuz eeting grains an a Jolly Ball was deelivered to my Roxie stall.

Heer is me lookin at it.

It smells liek apples.

I can rolls it arownd!

I is bitey on the handel too.

Crissmiss is so fun!

I hopes everyone else got Jolly Balls an grains an stuffs too.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


So this is a weerd tiem of year. This Crissmiss time is a time wen evryone gives each other presents and sez nice things to them. Oh and somtimes thees presents coms to your Roxie stall in a stalking.

See, this is a stalking. The fat guy who is picshured on my Roxie stalking coms to your stall an brings you peppurmints and candy canes an other treets! He knows where I, Roxie, lives, because he stalks me. This is why it is called a stalking. Yup.

Marry Crissmiss!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Noos and Good Noos

The Bad Noos: It is FOUR DIGREES HERE!!!
The Good Noos: I has a extra puffy blankety with a BELLY HUGGER! So I, Roxie, is snug as a bug in a puffy blanket.
Ther may be a picsure soon. Mom is resourseful.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Breakin stuff

I is not the ONLY one in teh world to break stuffs, it turns owt.
Mom breaked her little black Flash Box. So there will be no Roxie picsures for a while.
You may imagine whut I looks like. I ashure you that I, Roxie, grows more luvly every day.