Monday, July 6, 2015


This is a tuff year to be a Roxie so far.

There is the hole that I steps in, earlier.

Then there is a minor incident before my show where I is cannering with mom on nice flat ground and I trips and i falls down and tosses mom off.

Neither of us is real happie with this event.

I gets grass stains and dirt all over the place on me and on mom and on my saddul. And we is both SO SORE for days and days after.

Then there is the thing with the fense at my Roxie house.

I mane-tain that this incident is Potato baby's fault because of her sticking her head thru my fense and annoying me.

I tries to show her what is what by use of Roxie kicking. But my leg goes between the rails and gets stuck. :(

I extricaytes myself which is good but i scrapes and bruses my leg which is bad.

I also bends the fence somwhat and i busted FOUR posts out of their concreete.

I is doing about one injury a month, and that is bad! SOM BODY STOP ME