Monday, December 31, 2018

Winter doings

So. As we slide into a new yeer. Here is how all the horses is doing here at my Roxie property which belongs to me.

We shall start with me becuz I is best.

Here is me.

Lookin' mighty fine.

I is going on winter rides rt now because lots of walk is on the re fitness ajenda. Also becuz I has my own large Roxie snowshoes (which is actshully just my big and excellent feets).

Stupid Potato does not know to grow a winter coat and has to wear a Blanket of Shame.

"I'm sorry I cannut fuzz for you." :( Is probly what she says.

She's onna break so her job is to baby sit a Halo.

Halo grows her own boss winter fuzz.

Lookit that perf babbo 💖💕💖

She is being a spastic so Potato is suppose to teach some manners.

She does not lern this shenanigannery from me

Manners being installed

We will see.

Fang is who we talk about last, because I donut like Fang.

She gets to be boarded and rided all the time.

She also grows her own fuzz, but who cares.

I isn't jelous. I is just . . . well. Not jelous. Nope.