Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thot I culd get away with it.

I, Roxie, wuz hopin' that becuz Mom is SOOOOOOO bizzy lately, that she would not com and figure owt whut had happined. And then I wuld not haev to be to embaressed.


Mom certinly noticed that my Roxie foreloxie had a funnie smell to it.
She did not laff, wich was nice. She did sugjest that, inna future, I deturmine whut is a cat an whut is a not-cat. An that I not put my Roxie nose on things that are not-cats.

Heer is a helpful guide for you:



Sunday, August 8, 2010


I is pritty much just hanging owt in the passture. In case you is wondering.
Mom is doing sumthing with her Human Job. I dunno. It meens I get lots of rest time, an somtimes we goes for a ride but only one or too times a week. Mostlee I is just being Roxie. But I still gets grain foods, an fly goopies on my Roxie belly, an I does hand-grazing too.
I liek this.