Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Lerning to Steer

I, Roxie, gots to go agin this week-end an practice mownted shooting. I gots to ride in my trailur! Hooray. It is a not-long haul and then we arrives at an areena with the baloons in it. Ther is good grass foods an clovers around the owt-sides of the areena. There is also weerd smelly animals.


I is guessin these is Cowz. I has herd about Cowz but never met any. Here is what I, Roxie, lern about cowz:

1) Smelly
2) Dumb

Mom maed me walk over to the cowzes even tho I is eatin clover foods. The Cowz runned away. They is scared uv me, Roxie! Granted I is quite intimuhdating. I di'int care about cowz cuz I is eating.

There is lots of nice peeples at this areena. Mom makes a frend named Rand an I, Roxie, innerduced myself to Rand's horse Tucker. Tucker is a nice horse but he is not my type. So I pins my Roxie ears at him! Ha ha ha. Oh and Rand had a Man person named Dug. Dug come up to me and startded tellin me whut a nice horse I is an how pritty I is an he scritched my 4-head an evun kissded me on the nose! I is onnered to be kissed on the nose by such a nice man in such a big cowboy hat. Dug is a nice fella an i hope him an Rand and Tucker com bak for more mownted shooting.

Then Mom putded my saddle on and we goed to the areena and rided around. This time of mownted shooting is diffrent then last time. Mom is steerin me thru cones and arownd barrels an stuff. Only insted of steerin me around, she is pushin my byootiful neck with the rains. Like, I feel the rain on my left, so i goed right! That sorts of thing. I guess this is neck-raining. I has done soem neck-raining but not to much. I don' like this cuz somtimes I like to go where I, ROXIE, want to go, not wher Mom wants to go! But when I do this she gits all mad an hollers at me an stuff. Soemtimes i runned off and tryed to give Mom a Struggle. Um. I unnerstand now why Roommate Horse does not win her Struggles. Mom MAKES you go wher she sez to go! I dislike this but it is the way it goez. I tryed to ignore her neck-rains but then I had to go in little sircles and little sircles is no fun.

SO I tryed stoppin'. This is smart of me. This works for a little cuz Mom kicks but she isnt real big and dosnt kick neer as hard as Roommate Horse. I thot i won this Struggle until Mom got a Whappin Thing. An she whapped me with it on my Roxie butt! :-( This maed me sad. It also made me go. An when i go i don' get whapped, wich is a good thing. And evenchually I, Roxie, just decide to go wher Mom wants. And then a GRATE thing happens. I don' get whapped and Mom pets me and calls me Good Girl and I is so happy! An then I get to RUN reel fast to the end of the areena where the other horses is and we get to stand arownd! It is so neet! And then we is finished and i gets to get my saddle re-movd and I eats more grass foods!

So the day is a good day and i lerns to steer. Ackshully I alredy new how to steer. Somtimes I just dont wanna.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grass Foods

I, Roxie, luuuuuuuuuuv grass foods. I do I do I do.

Mom came to my horse house today an she putded my haltur on an I went to eat grass foods while Mom helded my halter roep and brushded me. My Roxie hairs is comin off in big white chunks and I, Roxie, am turnin bay roan again. Hooray!!

Mom is limpin'. Com to think of it, tonite is usual-ee when Mom takes Roommate Horse an goez for a Lessen. But not this tonite. I ask Roommate Horse abot this later and Roommate Horse sayz Mom telled her the hole storie wen Roommate Horse wuz gettin' the Flower Smell Wet Stuff spraid on her back (cuz Roommate Horse has a touch of brain-rot). Roommate Horse sayd teh storie wuz hard to follow but involvded some sort of "soffball." I dunno what a soffball is but Roommate Horse sayd that Mom sayd that ther NOT soff at all.

I hope she stops limpin' soon.

Anyhoo, I foun lots of grass foods. I found tall grass foods an short grass foods and grass foods with wide blaeds an some grass foods with seeds on top (they tikkled) and grass foods who's seeds fel off when i brushded aginst them and there seeds got in my Roxie foreloxie and i foud grass foods that were baby grasses an those are tender an real good and i evun found some Dandee Lions. I luv Dandy Lions cuz they r yello an some Lions are puffy and those is good grass foods too an i foun aflafa clover grass foods and i aete all these grass foods and I, Roxie, luve grass foods. Yum yum yum.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is stoopid

What is stoopid is when Roommate Horse is gone at a Lesson and then she coms back and eets dinner an i have to watch and not get a secund dinner. >:(

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Goed On A Trail Ride

Liek my title sayz, I goed on a Trail Ride! This is a fun thing. Here is the storie:

Erly in the mornin’ on Sadurday, Mom and her frend come to my horse house. They givded us grain foods and put me and Roommate Horse Marvy in the trailur with hay. We ride in the trailur and eat foods for a long time. After this long time we stop at a place wher it smells dry an theres no trees. I think I rememmer this place from a while back.

Mom and her frend unloads us and puts saddles on us. Here is a picsure of us with saddles on. I is teh cute one. Not the blak one.

Here is me with Mom’s frend. Her naem is Tie-Ann. Or mebbe it is TyAnne. Iuhno.

Tie-Ann rided me, Roxie! I like Tie-Ann cuz she lets me eat grass foods somtimes.

Mom rided Roommate Horse. I is guessin’ this is cuz Roommate Horse is a mean jerk and needs someone to also be a mean jerk. Mom can be a mean jerk person. Somtimes she an Roommate Horse have Struggles but ive never seen Mom lose a Struggle yet. She is tuff, for a human person. It is funnie to watch Boss Mare get bossed.

Here is us eatin grass foods.

Heer is Mom on Roommate Horse. I is embaressed to bee seen neer those leg-boots she has.

I nveer thot I wud say this but I is glad Roommate Horse is along for the ride. Is nice to have cumpany and not be alone.

Here is me an Tie-Ann soem more. I is the Good Horse and I carrys the Bag Of Foods And Lemonades on my saddle. Yup.

Mom sez to ride a draft cuz it makes yr butt look small.

Here is me, Roxie, some more. This trail is a nice trail. Kinda longish tho.

Ther is nothin’ scarey on this trail excep when these weerd horses come running-walking up behind us! I don’ know whut ther problem is. They cannot trot, just running-walk like they is hurt or somthin. Mebbe these is Tenissy Wahkers. I haev herd of Tenissy Wahkers but not seen ‘em. I get scared of these, exspecially when the guy with the foot jingle things runned up behind me. I moves over reel quick for Foot Jingle Guy and his weerd swety Wahker horse. Roommate Horse haets these weerd horses too so it is not just me, Roxie, who is imagining things.

Then we goed back in the trailur and goed back home! And ther was dinner at home! Whoot!

This day is a nice day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I gots shoos! Roommate Horse got shoos too but this dosn't matter. Here is a picsure of us waitin for shoos.

I fergot how scary shoos are wen the Horse Shoe Man puts a hot shoo on you and you crackle and burn an its WEERD and smelly. An theres smokes and i think i'ma die. An Mom says things like "horse barbee-q" and laffs at me. *angry*

Shoos usually meens me, Roxie, is goin somwhere. I is goin to let u kno if this is the case.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hallo. I is decidin’ that I is gonna make the gesst blog into point-counnerpoint. Because it is my Roxie blog and I can do whatever I want! Ha.
So I go first.

Point: I is Roxie. I is the best horse. Roommate Horse is a mean jerk horse and is not the best. Because I, Roxie, is the best.

Counter-point: Hardly. If you are the best, and it’s ARE, not “is,” then why . . . I’m sorry, I should introduce myself. Hello, readers. My name is NOT Roommate Horse. My name is (drum roll) . . . Marvelina. I’m a lovely Thoroughbred mare and I like to run fast. I am—


. . . I didn’t pick my name. Although I will admit it is a good reason not to allow small children to name their horses. I am 16.1, in my mid-teens, and I am Boss Mare. I am grateful for the opportunity to comment on this blog since it’s all Roxie can babble about lately. I am sick of hearing it actually.

Then don’t do yr gesst blog!

*pins ears*


That’s right.

Anyways, I would love to continue blogging but I am a little sore and tired today due to the fact that I hauled out for a DRESSAGE LESSON BECAUSE ONLY TALENTED HORSES GO TO THE PRETTY BARN AND TALK TO THE TRAINER WOMAN AND GET TO RIDE PAST THE MIRRORS. So I am going to go lay in the sun. Ta ta.

Would you like to offer a counter-point?

. . . . .

You go for lessons ‘cuz you ARE a mean horse and ‘cuz I get to eat food in peace when you go away. Also, I dislikes you.

*ignores, wanders off*