Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Lerning to Steer

I, Roxie, gots to go agin this week-end an practice mownted shooting. I gots to ride in my trailur! Hooray. It is a not-long haul and then we arrives at an areena with the baloons in it. Ther is good grass foods an clovers around the owt-sides of the areena. There is also weerd smelly animals.


I is guessin these is Cowz. I has herd about Cowz but never met any. Here is what I, Roxie, lern about cowz:

1) Smelly
2) Dumb

Mom maed me walk over to the cowzes even tho I is eatin clover foods. The Cowz runned away. They is scared uv me, Roxie! Granted I is quite intimuhdating. I di'int care about cowz cuz I is eating.

There is lots of nice peeples at this areena. Mom makes a frend named Rand an I, Roxie, innerduced myself to Rand's horse Tucker. Tucker is a nice horse but he is not my type. So I pins my Roxie ears at him! Ha ha ha. Oh and Rand had a Man person named Dug. Dug come up to me and startded tellin me whut a nice horse I is an how pritty I is an he scritched my 4-head an evun kissded me on the nose! I is onnered to be kissed on the nose by such a nice man in such a big cowboy hat. Dug is a nice fella an i hope him an Rand and Tucker com bak for more mownted shooting.

Then Mom putded my saddle on and we goed to the areena and rided around. This time of mownted shooting is diffrent then last time. Mom is steerin me thru cones and arownd barrels an stuff. Only insted of steerin me around, she is pushin my byootiful neck with the rains. Like, I feel the rain on my left, so i goed right! That sorts of thing. I guess this is neck-raining. I has done soem neck-raining but not to much. I don' like this cuz somtimes I like to go where I, ROXIE, want to go, not wher Mom wants to go! But when I do this she gits all mad an hollers at me an stuff. Soemtimes i runned off and tryed to give Mom a Struggle. Um. I unnerstand now why Roommate Horse does not win her Struggles. Mom MAKES you go wher she sez to go! I dislike this but it is the way it goez. I tryed to ignore her neck-rains but then I had to go in little sircles and little sircles is no fun.

SO I tryed stoppin'. This is smart of me. This works for a little cuz Mom kicks but she isnt real big and dosnt kick neer as hard as Roommate Horse. I thot i won this Struggle until Mom got a Whappin Thing. An she whapped me with it on my Roxie butt! :-( This maed me sad. It also made me go. An when i go i don' get whapped, wich is a good thing. And evenchually I, Roxie, just decide to go wher Mom wants. And then a GRATE thing happens. I don' get whapped and Mom pets me and calls me Good Girl and I is so happy! An then I get to RUN reel fast to the end of the areena where the other horses is and we get to stand arownd! It is so neet! And then we is finished and i gets to get my saddle re-movd and I eats more grass foods!

So the day is a good day and i lerns to steer. Ackshully I alredy new how to steer. Somtimes I just dont wanna.


Maybe Mae said...

Hi Roxie! You don't know me but I love your blog. If I ever met you I would pet you on your Roxie Foreloxie and call you a good girl. Good Roxie!

deborah said...

I got your blog link from 'The eventing Percheron' and I love it, its great, makes me laugh. Thanks. Keep up good wor.

Roxie said...

Thankee evryone for yr nice comments! It is cool that so meny peeple like me, Roxie, an my little blog.

Janet Roper said...

Oh Roxie, I'm going to share your blog with my horse Shiloh. He will think you're very cute and sassy, and he will, I'm sure, want to be your very best friend! He likes to eat grass and carrots.

Roxie said...

Hooray! Thank u! I likes new frends.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

If mah mom shot anythang off'a meh she'd hit da dirt hard and fast!

how do ya stand it?! plus Ima fraid of da sound dem cowz maek...