Friday, May 21, 2010


So ther is thees plastic model horses called Breyer horses.
I did not know this.

But apparentlee Mom has commissioned peepuls to paint Breyer horses like ME, Roxie.

This is the first one compleetud. This is by Kelly Campbell, an you can find her on

Hey, this is me, Roxie.

I mite menshun that this horse model is actshully kind of more prittier that me, Roxie. Or, I mite not. Whut evar. The point is, Kelly Campbell will also paint a model of your horse. An, as you can planely see, she is a perfessional, an very good at her jobby job.

Heer is a link to her.

There will be more Roxie models comming in the next week or so.
Yay! Roxie models!!

luv, R

Monday, May 17, 2010

Watch out

If you is a Crime Person who is Bad, or you is evun THINKING of doing somthing which is bad, then WATCH OUT.

I will bust you.

Cuz I is Roxie an I IS A SHERIFF HORSE.

Aw MOM, stop taekin pictures!

Heer is me, Roxie, in uniform.

I is not just a Crime Fieter tho. I also saves an resques. We goed on a trael and it started RAINDING and HAELING an all these people an horses were like, "Roxie you must save us!" So I DID!!! I leaded all the peoples an horses back to the trailurs.

Cuz also I is a Resque Roxie.

I is pretty much good at every thing.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I is Roxie . . .

And apparentlee I has in-spired a line of humin clothing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roxie Ressipe

I luvs my Roxie Birthday Cake.

So many peeples has asked for the ressipe to my Roxie Birthday Cake that I feel I must share this.

Get a bag of treets that yor horse liekes, such as thees carrot spise ones. Put a hole bunch of thees treets inna bowl with waters. Let the treets soke until they are a mooshy blob. Then mix this mooshy blob with mole-bottoms (Roxies do NOT sware) an shaepe them into a cake, in a bowl or a grain food tub. Goop some more mole-bottoms on the cake. You can rite your horse's horse naeme on the cake with mole-bottoms, too. Then decorait that cake with more treets of a diffrint kind, or carrots, or Oreo cookies wich are SO GOOD. An use carrots as candles.

All done!

Then take your Roxie out to eet grasses as a dissert. After the cake.

Happy birthday to me!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is my Roxie Birthday. Or at least this is whut Mom tells me.

It is also my hooman uncle Scott's birthday. I sense somthing odd abowt this.

But whutevar. Mom maekes me a cake.

R is for Roxie.

I is SIX. This is why ther is six carrots.

I will reeport on how I enjoy my Birthday cake.