Monday, May 17, 2010

Watch out

If you is a Crime Person who is Bad, or you is evun THINKING of doing somthing which is bad, then WATCH OUT.

I will bust you.

Cuz I is Roxie an I IS A SHERIFF HORSE.

Aw MOM, stop taekin pictures!

Heer is me, Roxie, in uniform.

I is not just a Crime Fieter tho. I also saves an resques. We goed on a trael and it started RAINDING and HAELING an all these people an horses were like, "Roxie you must save us!" So I DID!!! I leaded all the peoples an horses back to the trailurs.

Cuz also I is a Resque Roxie.

I is pretty much good at every thing.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Roxie you are my idol. You look very good in your Roxie sheriff outfit

Josie said...

Roxie, I am curious at to why you were a sheriff horse?

Jeni said...

Roxie you are the cutest thing!!

Sara said...

Roxie, that is purely amazing! You look so cute in the sheriff tack! :)

kbryan said...

Roxie looks really good, and she is definitely the most entertaining and "good at everything" horse on the interwebs. Go Roxie!

Janet Roper said...

Congratulations Roxie! I know I would feel safer if I knew you were ready to rescue me if needed. I can't wait to tell Shiloh, he will be very happy about this!

Roxie said...

Mom is a Possie rider? I dunno. It meens I is a Sheriff Horse, wich is cool.