Saturday, June 29, 2019

Another show

So more recent but also a few weeks ago. Marm is like "you is so greatness, let us go do another show adventure" and I is all "yup hokay" yet again.

So i gets in the trailer and goes for some hours. I comes out in this nice deserty place with lots of areenas and COWS and i is all "YUSS" but apparently these cows is for chasing and rope-ing, not for Roxie-ing. Sad.

But we does a dressahzj again. 

We does this for too days in a row.

On day One. Mom wears a purple coat, and spurs, and i is so good, and we wins.

On day Too. Mom wears a lite bloo coat, and spurs, and picks up a wip so that she may tap me into the corners. Boo. :(

But i goes in the corners.


Oh also, there is JOMPING in this dressahcj test!

Thees is barely worth the effort tho

And i wins again! Becuz i goes in corners and does bending, I wins by a LOT.

I does so good and mommo is a proud. 💜

So I is doing a pretty good year at shows, I guess.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Doing a show

So a few weeks ago.  Marm is all. "Hay Roxie. Let us get in the trailer for four hours." And I being a good Roxie is all "hokay."

So we do.

We evenshually gets to a place with trees an hills wher I has been before. Normal hotel acomodation is a teeny stall but this time I gets a huge pen where cows has been, so that I may move my Roxie greatness around. This is better.

So i is there for days and days. Mom Marm puts up a tent and lives with me.

Day One is we go do dressahzj. I prance around and demunstrate my glory wile a lady is all "bark bark ride better." So that is fun.

Day Two is longer. We gets to do dressahzj but just a test and then a different lady talks to Marm about how she should ride better. That's all for the morning.

Then Day Two also. We goes and does cross country jomping. I is perfect and amazing because doy. Even tho this weather is the pits.

I is a tuff Roxie but come on man. 

Then Day 3 Marm explains will be the same format as Day 2 but will ackshully count for somthing. She gets on a fancy coat and puts on my fancy wite leg doobers and off we go.

We does a dressahzj and I is amazing.
Heer is a video link, I donut know if it will work.

There is visitors! They has carrots.

Then i rests some. Then i go do jomping.

This jomping is different. There is people everywhere and that is scarey. So mom wait marm has to do some kicking. But I goes SO FAST  and i jomps all the things, and I is such a good gurl!

And then I wins! Hooray Roxie!

Any ways. That is all on that show.

I goes and does more but that is an other entry.