Monday, October 31, 2016

I, Roxie, has got sick :(

Hallo. So big apologies for the real long hiatus.

I has got sick.

It is a sad deel. Here is what happend:

Back in September I was finelee fit enouf to go do a jomping show. I was a big boss laydee at this show.

Seriosly, I was great.

 And then, two days later, I stopped wanting food.

Mom is all "OMG VET IMMEDIUTLY" and we goed and had bludd testing, which involved needuls and so I haete this. But that is minor. What is not minor is that this bludd test magick shows that my big Roxie livver is not working right. It has probly been this way for weeks. But only I knows this for sure, and I is not telling.

So we does medisin and we does some other things. Like a ultrasound. This shows us nothing exsept the fact that i does in fact have a livver. So the vet laydee does a biopsee of my livver which also shows us that I has a livver but does not say anything beyond this. Oh wait, it also shows that its not from any thing toxic or any dumb weeds or anything. But other than that, we do not know.

Not at all trusting the vet laydee
So we continues with medisin. And testing my bludd like every week.

I still haete needuls. But if Mom crams my Roxie face-mouf full of peppurmints while its happening, I can be slightly more polite.

So this has been for almost 2 months. My livver is getting better exsept for a test result thing which shows there is maybe some blockidge in there. So we continues with medisin.

I do not get to do riding or anything fun. Which makes for a sad bored Roxie!