Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I is a Champeeun Roxie

For liek the 6th year in a row now, I is a Champeeon Roxie.

The birds in the passture haev all voted me an my back and my Roxie buttocksie as there favrite one to ride on all day. I is a champeeon of being bird-rided.

The best things you win are the things you win for stuffs you wuld have done anyway. Such as having a reel big wide back and a awesum Roxie buttocksie.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cusstom stuff

Mom maekes me a cusstom gurth cover. Check it owt.

It is matchy with this saddul pad.

Mom loves me. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Other Burthday Present

So Mom gets me an other burthday present. I gets my own pet horse!

This is Luke.

He is mine.

He is older than me. But he is MY pet horse.

I knwo this cuz Mom tells me. I is all "Hay Mom, I duzzint need a pet horse" and Mom is all "Yes you do Roxie, you can maeke this one do all the fast running an high jomping so that you do not has to" and I is all "Ok sweet."

An then I is all "Hay Mom, can i eet his grains?" and Mom is all "yeah shure."

So this is all fine with me, to have my very own pet horse.

Luke is kind of a dweeb. Don't tell Mom tho.

He is reel smart. But he has som bad mannurs.

He goes to a Tree of Payshence. He goes there a lot. like, evury day. An he wares Horse Handcuffs a-cuz of he digs an stuff an Mom sez he must lern to stand like a good pet horse. An he trys to bite on peopel an then he gets in trubble. You wuld think a smart pet horse wuld lern how to have a mannurs. But not just yet.

Mom feeds him goop-stuff frum a tube, evry day. Maybe this will smartin him?

Mom tells me I may kick him to assist in mannur-teaching, so I do, somtimes.

This is us in our passture. It is a big nice one with lots of grass tops.