Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mom made some rains an I, Roxie, is working in 'em.

I is suppost to be lerning how to stretch.

I is stretchy at a walk. Not so much at a trot tho, not yet.

Som one shuld tell Mom that if she wer to buy teh REAL rains from Dohver, I may be more stretchy in 'em. The real rains is nicer then these ones maede from rop an free keychains frum a motorcycle show.

These rains isn't so bad tho, they is purty loose.

I think they will get more tighter at som point. Sad!


Leah Fry said...

Nuthin' wrong with homemade, Roxie. Cheap or free is very good these days. Think of it this way: the money Mom isn't spending on reins is food in your mouth.

WV = exusi
A polite Italian word.

Zoe said...

You are looking good good good Roxie.
Have to agree, less money on reins= more money for carrots.

Albigears said...

That saddle makes your butt look fat.

LeopardAppy said...

Looking real pretty working in those rains Roxie.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Roxie mare!

BTW, for the uhh...ahem...bigger girls, the Dover brand is gonna be just a little too small for you...just ask Klein :) I made Klein some custom extenders out of small dog collars...whatever works!