Monday, June 15, 2015

Practising and showing. Part 1: Practise

Also this spring. Mom is all "Roxie we is going to a show." and so i is all "Hooray!" and then mom is all "But this meens you haev to train an practice." so then I is like :\

But its ok. Training isn't so bad. I only lerns one dressahzj test an it is SO EASY YOU GUYS SERIOSLY.

Plus Mom made me a Roxie dressahj arena at home so this makes life evun more easier.

So we does dressahzj lessons with this Regeena lady. She makes mom be SO HARSH but I folds up and gets beeyoutiful.


And we also goes in the trailur for hours to go do cross country practices.

I is beeyoutiful at these also. 

I is SO good at all this.

We evun gets a flat tire on the way home an mom is all "no swett" and "tire changey change" and it only deelays my Roxie Greatness for liek 10 minutes. 

Next up. Part Too: Showing.


SprinklerBandit said...

Beautiful folds indeed!

Unknown said...

You certainly are gorgeous Roxie!!

Dreaming said...

You are right. Your carriage in dressage is beautiful! You are stepping out so nicely!