Monday, June 29, 2015

Plane watching

So one of my most favoritest things to do, ever, is to watch the air planes.

I love them.

They flies over my Roxie house all the time an i is all "WATCHING!"

One of my favrite traels is by the air port, where planes live. Som times Mom parks me here on the trael an we watch the planes.

There is one day that we goes an we sees SO MANY PLANES.

There is this plane-an-glider set that goes over when we is saddulling.

Then later, that leader plane coms and lands all by itself.

And then there is this plane!

Oh and then Mom an me hears the loud thumpy-thump and we is both like "YAY FOR HELLACOPPER!"

We gets to watch it land an take back off a bunch too. 

In conklusion. Flying things is SO COOL seriosly. 


Del said...

I love you Roxie!

EvenSong said...

You is WAY COOL, Roxie, to recognize that flyin' things is cool and not scary things!

kbryan said...

Clearly, Roxie was a Pegasus horse in one of her before lives.