Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Gettin in the trailur seemed liek a good ideeuh at the time.

But no one warned me that ex-cee lessins means that you will get WASHED afterwords.

An LEG RAPPED afterwords as well. With limamint.

Or that I wuld have to go in a big stupid mud puddel an get my Roxie stuff all dirtys.



Leah Fry said...

Wow, Roxie, I'm impressed. I had no idea you were such a multi-disciplined horse. And don't worry about getting your stuff dirty. Your person can clean it for you. You will be beautiful for next time.

Bif said...

Sounds like fun...

Unknown said...

Crazy. Next time make sure yo get a cookie.


Limament is good. Makes you feel spiffy.