Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hair Stiles

Mom has givved my hairs a style.
She says this is to train my Roxie maene to do somthing.
Silly mom.  You cannut train hairs.  They has no brains because they is just hairs.
She also ashures me this will keep me cooler.

Does I look more cooler yet?

Can a Roxie really *be* any more cooler?


Unknown said...

Roxie is so adorable, we have some giant draft crosses at our barn too. Is it just me or when you imagine them talking they sound more like dorks than beautiful animals? I love how you make Roxie "talk" she sounds so cute xD

SmartAlex said...

Very Stylish Rox!!!

Albigears said...

Oh, stiles. I wondered what hair stifles were.

Pam said...

Roxie - I do the same thing to my boy Jammy's mane. He is large like you, & has a very long think mane. I'd like to believe it keeps him cool as well.

Your mom is very smart.

Roxie said...

I DO has a hairy stifles also! :)
This maene traening seems to be doing good so far. Now I has a single mighty Roxie Mane instead of 2 lesser maenes.