Friday, January 9, 2015


I goes to a clinic a little bit ago. I is pretty fuzzed up and out of shaepe, so I does only a liddle bit of jomping. I also does a hole bunch of trot poles.

I is The Best at trot poles. The trainer lady puts them on a sircle and even raises them to make them more harder, but I still shames all the other horses by being so good.

We does some jomping too, thru a thing that is a X to a one stride and then a bouncey to an other one stride.

I is SO GOOD at this, except for a small thing with wacking the first X and killing it some. But after this, I is grate. And this excercize makes Mom sit up an stop being a big lump thing.

Clinic: mission ackomplished!

Oh. Mulva the Roommate Horse goed and did a day too.

She kept runnding away with Mom. Heh. This all makes Roxie look like Perfict Roxie.


EvenSong said...

Oh, Roxie, you IS perfict! And jimnastyics is great fun, aren't they? It's been awhile since I did any jomping, but I remember those being fun and good for me.

kbryan said...

I'm sure you make all other horses look pretty stoopid and unnathletic cause you are sooooo special! Your houman can learn a lot from you. She is so lucky that she gets to ride the Suepreme Horse Princess of all time - Roxie the Amazing!

Lauren said...

Roxie you will always be the star :) Sounds like a nice clinic!