Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessins Part Too

I goed for another lessin!


That wuz me in my Roxie trailur eeting hay foods.

Heer is me som more. In my trailur. I refoosed to scootch my Roxie butt into the cornur as i em trying to convinse Mom to have the front spaece of the trailur embiggened.


Trainer Woman sed lots and lots of "YES!" and "BYOOTIFUL CANNER!" and she sed i is such a Cute Girl and a Good Girl. And i WUZ a Good Girl and i em lerning that Scary Door isn't reelly so Scary.
What IS Scary is that one of the areena mirrirs is busted. I di'int spook at this but I did heer that it is cuz there is a draft cross like me who is NOT a Good Girl an when Trainer Woman and Dressage Cowboy Guy tryd to put a saddul on her, she goed CRAZY and ran arownd bucking and bucking and bukcing and freeking out an she JUMPED into the mirrir. Who JUMPS in to a mirrir? Not me, i ashure you.
I, Roxie, was unaware that ther is CRAZY horses of this level in the wurlds.
Which maekes me feel evun better about being such a Good Girl.
I em pleesed to report that i got Hay foods in the trailur and Grain Foods when i returned to my horse house. Oh, but i am not pleesed to report that i am in Horse Prison, with a electrick fence that bites hard. :( All b-cuz i excaped to see Rex agin.
Mom did get new improoved grain foods. Mebbe i shuld write about this.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Those are sum hairy legs! :-)
Keep up the good work Roxie... I ran into an electric fence once, with my forhead- they do hurt!

Roxie said...

I luv my hairey legs; i am a Natural Womin Horse. Agin, this is all the rage in U-rop and places wher they care about Fashun.
Turrowbreds seem to tutch electrick fences one tiem. an that is the only tiem. I, Roxie, is much tuffer than a TB so i slither slide thru them! Ha ha ha!

Zoe said...

Yey, hairy legs are the best. Mine are very very hairy. I think my human is rather jealous of them.
I don't like that electrickery fence, we have it in our field. It's only good when the humans catch themselves on it. Watch them dance...
Well done for being a good girl. I am a good girl most of the time but I do like to amuse myself with my human sometimes.

Roxie said...

See! Zoe lives in U-rop in an Ing-land place and she has Fashun Legs too! :-)

cdncowgirl said...

Yay for a good lesson! You should be so proud of yourself Roxie :)

Please tell us about your new and improved grain foods.

LeopardAppy said...

I would be interested to hear about your new and improved grain foods too.

Funder said...

Roxie, that is the prettiest hay food I have EVER seen. You are such a lucky girl! I would climb into a rattling cave for hay like that too.

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, that first picture of you and your hay foods is simply adorable. I am going to take that picture to the barn and show Shiloh. I am sure he will eventually take his eye off your hay foods & see your beautiful Roxie face!
Janet & Shiloh

Roxie said...

i just did a HOLE post abowt foods!