Monday, October 13, 2008

Hee hee hee

I, Roxie, is skilld in the use of strategery. Here is som examples of how I, Roxie, use this to get whut it is that I wants:

1) Junyor Olympeean has LEFT the barn alreddy. Mebbe she reeds my Roxie blog. :-) or mebbe its cuz i told all the other horses abowt her and they all nicker-snickered at her all the tiem. Okay, so mebbe i di'int do that. But I, Roxie, SHULD have.

2) I haev SUCKSEEDED in not beeing taken on any trail rides this fall so far. It turns owt that Roommate Horse is MUCH bettur at keepin up with other horses so she go's on them now. HA.

3) I is gettin shaggy. Winnter is comin and I is growin a puffy coat and it is Bay-Roan wich is all the rage in places wher they care abowt Fashun. I heer about Fashun a lot. Fashun is why my pink saddle pad goes with my pink leg-raps. Yup.

That is all. I shuld post picsures of me soon befor you all forgit what it is that i look liek.


Leah Fry said...

Roxie, you make me laugh every single time! Since my Poco is also a bay roan, I must admit I am pretty partial. I would love to see a nice updated picture of you in all your roan glory.

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, we could never forget you! YOU are toooo special.
Janet & Shiloh

Unknown said...

HI, Roxie, Im sure you look real pretty and fashionable in whatever you wear. You have been very quiet lately, tell your Mum to type more!!

Serena said...

Work has been killing Mom. :(

Maybe Mae said...

Ha ha on Junyor Olympeean's exit! I recently witnessed the snootiest snoot of all snoots at my barn trying to boss around a few other teenage girls in the ring. Their expressions were priceless! And they did not, thankfully, give in to that chick. Big victory for anyone who is neither "junior" nor "Olympian."

Can't wait to see pictures of your fashion coat!!