Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gesst Blog Frum a Forriner

I is hosting a gesst blog. Willem is a forrin horse, from Jermanie. He has writed a Crismas list an i think all horse peepul shuld read it! He has a axscent. So his spelling is purty bad, like mine!

Here it goez:

Willem's List of What Horses REALLY Want for Christmas:

Hallo every boddie, Willem here! You proberbly haff seen mein picture
on die internet, I be verrie famouse. If you haff liffed on Mars or
some thing, und you don't nott to know me, I be Coreene her horse. I
be VERRIE HANDSOME und I be ein chestnut Hanoverian und I be 19 und I
be verrie tall, I be 17.2HH und I write prettie good English.

Any how, mannie off your horse friends und me, we haff emailed each
other und this it be wot we want und don't nott to want for der

1. Giff us mannie karroten. This is be carrots auf Deutsch. It don't
nott to matter wot you think, we can eat mannie karroten at die same
time. Like ten pounds at least. At once. Don't nott to skimp, this it
don't nott to be in der Christmas spirit.

2. Giff us ein promise off one apfel per day for die whole year. I
like to eat mein apfels in two bites, but mein mannie girl mare
friends, they like it best wenn you cut them upp in mannie little

3. Stand under our mouth so der clothing can catch die apfel spit.

4. Giff us ein box off C&H Pure Cane Sugar cubes. We need TEN cubes
per day. If you be saying "ten only" at die end, then we don't nott
to haff to bother counting und we know you don't nott to be giffing
us no more this day. Wenn the box it be empty, buy more. Don't nott
to let any no-sugar days happen.

5. Get ein massage with ein horse chiropractor. I like this mit die
girl chiropractors die best becose I don't nott to like mannie men
except for mein grandpa, he be Coreene her daddy.

6. Giff us die same loff wot we giff you. We loff you verrie much und
it don't nott to be nice if you don't loff us die same. Don't nott to
make us do things wot make our feets hurt.

Don't nott to buy no ugly ass things for us to wear und then say it
be a present for us, it don't nott to be, it be for you.

Verrie Happie Christmas und Happie Chanukah und Happie Kwanzaa und
Happie Every Thing Else und Happie New Year.

Loff, Willem

I be a German horse und this be straight from mein mouth.


allhorsestuff said...

Willem' niegh... FI-n Equyine, yur lissst

1-Carrots- CHECK my gurl gits meee theese tooo bean gen urus shee as!

2-Apple's- CHECK Woonderfulll gurl doess theese az we ll

3-Standing under mee... whinny!Snnort blow...iff Mee cud git er ta do dis...Rearing wiyh a fart... while I slobber...we'll see...

4-Sugar Cubes aint on mee mare'smouth- list...blow. MOR Carrottz!!!

5-Farting roll...get er apt fer Z maasssagge-CHECK- Woo man theese weeek- rear-end!

6-Newz hoof bootz -CHECK

My, nicker, gurl hazz no try Z funkky weird zings on meee theese tyme fer Z Chrisssmis Holly dayee

Nickerss Nice!
Gud 2 meeet yur horseface Willem!

Very whinnysincerly,
Washashe mare zz

Leah Fry said...

Grusse und Frohliche Weinachten, Willem and howy-do and Merry Christmas, Roxie! I hope you both get everything you want from your people! Both my horses got beautiful new headstalls and Poco even got a new Tucker trail saddle. Lucky ponies!

Janet Roper said...

How did you meet Willem? And will be seeing a picture of him?

That's so good that you are now hosting guest bloggers. Willem got it right on when he said what horses want for Christmas!

I put a link to Willem's post on Twitter. Maybe some other horses lovers will come this way!
Janet & Shiloh

cdncowgirl said...

This may shock you both but my horses don't like carrots or apples.
They do like horse cookies though so they get lots of those!
And I agree on the "ugly ass stuff" comment. That goes for people too... don't buy ugly ass stuff and pretend its a gift! lol

Roxie said...

I wants theese things:

Grain foods
Some of Roommate Horse's grain foods
Mebbe a bran mash
Horse treets that taeste like peppur mints.
Roommate Horse to go away for the day
Extra hay foods


Zoe said...

My humans family don't celebrate xmas so I don't get pressies.
If I could wish for anything it would be my human to get better as I am missing going out for rides. I am fed up doing nothing but eating in the field.

Anonymous said...

Dear Willem
Please tell Roxie that she has been tagged for a 6 things about me meme over at Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch.
I hope she has the time and inclination to participate. It would definitely give her the edge over roommate horse.

Anonymous said...

Willem! I could not agree with you more about the ugly-ass gifts that are really for your rider. Puh-lease!
Enough with sparkly stuff and the animal print saddle pads.

Coreene said...

My name is Coreene and Willem was my horse - glad you liked "his" writings! Sadly, Willem was humanely euthanized in July 2003 after a brave battle with Cushing's-related founder. He was truly my horse of a lifetime. Roxie, thanks for sharing "his" words with your friends. :)