Monday, July 28, 2008

flash box

Mom gotted a new Flash Box! It is smaller an more blacker than teh last one. So heer is some picsures frum it:

Heer is the Big Field. I, Roxie, who is a Horse Princess, rule this Big Field on week-enz. Yup. Mom sez when the roun-bales gets ree-movd frum the field behine the trees, the Big Field gets evun bigger! Hooray!

Heer is me bossin' Polo. This is a fun thing:

Mom lets all my Roxie waters out of the Tank of Watters an then she scrubbded it an maed it kleen and yummy tasty. An wen new kleen waters came in to the Tank of Waterz, it spraid out the otto-madick watterer an I had a Roxie Drinkin Fowntin! Yum!

It is fun to slurp on a fowntin.


Janet Roper said...

Hello Horse Princess Roxie,
Shiloh wants you to know that you have an award awaiting you at my blog. Please stop by and pick it up!
Janet & Shiloh

Roxie said...

oh ooh oh ohoho!! OOOOOOHHH!! Thankee! I am onnered that u think I, Roxie, is wurthy uv an award!

LeopardAppy said...

Roxie, you are a hoot. We love your bossin Polo picture.

Albigears said...

Oh sure, big field. I'm stuck in the 'medical corral' with suspensory ligament injury. I get booooooored easilyyyyyyyyyyy... and Junior's got all the girls to himself now. Humph. We'll have to meet up for a trail ride this fall. I'm good at trail rides.

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, I love reading your blog and learning all about your life, and Shiloh loves to hear stories about you. Thank you for the enjoyment you give us!
Janet & Shiloh

Janet Roper said...
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cdncowgirl said...

Roxie you also have an award at my blog!! Wow, hopefully they're not the same one! It's on the Sat. Aug. 2nd post. :)

Funder said...

Roxie, you have such a good "mean face." My draft Poppy always forgets to pin his ears before he tries to intimidate other horses and then the stupid other horses won't move and he has to bite them. I think Poppy is not quite right but you seem to have plenty of brains.

Roxie said...

Thank yew! I like to think I, Roxie, has lots uv Roxie brains. May-b this is why we draft horses has big big noggins.