Monday, July 28, 2008

So I is a teechur

I, Roxie, am teeching somone how to ride me!

This is Mat. ------------------>

Mat has not been on horse-bak so much an so I, Roxie, has been givin the Very Importent Jobb of teeching Mat how to sit propperly an turn me with rains and leg skweezes. This is a e-z jobb cuz I can purtend liek I don' know what to do. As long as I do not bukc or kick or be meen to Mat, I is a Good Girl. Mom sedd so. :) Mat must be in Mom's hooman herd cuz she treets him like I treet my boyfrend Rex. All flurty an stuff. 'Cept she seems to bite him on the mouf som times. I don' know whut that is but Mat seemd OK with this.

So I walks aroun the areena and dont shake my hedd or bite his foots or do anythin quick or bad. As I sed, somtimes I purrtend I don' know what to do and somtimes I reely dont know whut to do so then I stop an Mom sez some words and then Mat asks me agin to do stuff but this tiem it makes sence and then I do it and Mom is happy and Mat is happy an then I get to be Finnished and gets my saddul removd and gets grain foods.

I likes bein a teechur cuz ther is grain involvd.

This sadell is a diffrint one. I must write about it somtime.
Also, ther was a big fierr that day. Mom sayd it wuz not neer my horse house but it made the sky look funnie and smell somthin terribul.


kerrie said...

You are such a good girl, Roxie, letting Matt ride you like that! He's doing a fine job cuz he's being really light with the reins and not pulling on your mouth. You may want to tell him, though that it's best if he stays awake. Sleeping like that can be real dangerous if both of you happen to doze off!

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, you are such a good teacher! I bet you'd be a good teacher even if there wasn't any grain involved.
Janet & Shiloh

Roxie said...

I wud probobly be perty good anysways. :-)

Mat is a nice man persin. I hoep he wuznt sleeping!

Dawn said...

Good job job Roxie!! And YAY for Matt!!!!