Monday, July 7, 2008

I is sorry

I has been not-very-good at updaeting my Roxie blog. I aplogize for this. Mom, as you mebbe suspeckt, is my Roxie blog typer human. I have tryed to B the typer horse-person for my own Roxie blog but my Roxie hoovses, wile being very big and also very byootiful, are not so much sooted for typeing. I, Roxie, tryed typeing but the compooter don't work real good for real long affter I started try-ing so I just make Mom do it now. She has to do somthing to earn her keeps anyways. :-)
Anywayz, Mom cudn't type for my Roxie Blog cuz she went away to a place calld Sandy Eggo for a while. I don' know what is in Sandy Eggo but she com back with a hat and was booble-babbling like human persons do about some gaem wher grown-up mans hit a leetle ball with a stick and then I guess go runnin aroun in circles. Somthing like the soffball, from whut I can unnerstand. Sounds stoopid to me, Roxie.
But anyways agin, Mom left and it was grrrrrreat! I goed in the Big Field whare the grass foods are knee-deep with Roommate Horse and a meen red mare horse named Polo. Ackshully that is whut Mom calls her cuz I guess she is used for polo. This is an other gaem wher peeple hit balls with sticks and run around, but they do this on HORSES this time so this gaem must be bettur than the one Mom seen. Polo has a real naem but she will not tell us what it is because she is MEAN. So I pins my Roxie ears at her and I bosses her aroun! Hooray! And somtimes she gets too close to Roommate Horse an then I run at her and she runs away! Yay! I, Roxie, am finely TUFF.
Polo is mebbe mean b-cuz she has no mane hairs. Not even a forelox! I guess I wuld be meen too if I had no mane hairs and no Fly Mask. Roommate Horse gets a bloo Fly Mask and I has my Roxie foreloxie and Polo has nuthin. Oh well, this nuthin is whut she desurves. For bein a meeny meen mare horse.
What is sad is that I, Roxie, onley get to be in the Big Field on week-ends or wen Mom is in Sandy Eggos becuz . . . okay, I am not reelly shur why. Somthin about the Big Field’s fence. I herd Mom tellin some-one that I haev to be in my Roxie paddocksie during the week in caes I start thinkin about tessting the fence, whatever THAT meens. I, Roxie, de-side to solve this misstery so I asks Roommate Horse. She tells me a BAD bad bad story about a thing calld Bobwire an how it tryed to eet her once! It is a Non-visible Monnster that Roommate Horse culd hardlee discribe as she startded shaeking at the memmury of it. An Roommate Horse is not scared of ANY thing so this scares me, Roxie, too. The Big Field has this monnster all 'round it outside of the elektric white taep an I guess if I get out of the Big Field that this monnster is waiting to bite and eet me! And it will HURT! I don’t want hurting. :-( Nope nope nope. But I, Roxie, knows about this monnster now. SO I wish they wood just leeve me out in the Big Field, now that I knows about this beast monnster. I will not go thru the fences! There is no reeson to excape anyway cuz I has foods INSIDE the fences. But I guess they think I don’ know theese things so I haev to go back in the paddock and Roommate Horse gets to stay out ALL week. Hmmph.
I has no flash box pictures of Polo or the Big Field just yet. So heer is a picsure of me an Roommate Horse on a trail ride we went on yesserday. I aplologize that Someone Who Is Not Roxie is sticking her tung out at the flash box. Some horses can be SO ROOD.


Albigears said...

What is that horse trailer you fit in? Is it a 2 horse slant? How do you fit?

Roxie said...

It holds THREE horeses. Roommate Horse go's in the frunt an i get the place behind her cuz it goes purty big. I em not too longish yet so this is fine. The only commplaint i haev somtimes is wen I haul with no hay. >:( I, Roxie, reqwires hay.