Friday, July 18, 2008

Tack: Part Too in a Serees

So last tiem we dis-cussded my byootiful Roxie tack, we talkded about my Bob. Bob is Tree-less. But Bob is a wessturn saddul. This enterey we will talk about my englissh saddul, which is also a Tree-less.

This is my Answer. I kno this saddul is spelled correcktly b-cuz I look up this word in the Word Book. This saddul is calld a Answer an it is made withowt trees also, just like Bob, and it is SOOPER comfortubble. Ther is no pokeys anywher on me from this saddul an I can move and breethe an move my Roxie mussles an stuff liek that. It is a English saddul as i sed before an that usually meens when I, Roxie, is whering this saddul that I must do More Work, like such as trottin big trot steps an runnin around fasster and bendin my neck around and turning an stuff.

When i wher the wessturn Bob saddul I is alowwed to be more lazy-er. You may guess wich saddul i prefer.

Mom tells me the Answer is very expensive (I, Roxie, also lookded this "expensive" word up too for spellin correcly) an that I is a Horse Princess for gettin such a saddul. I liek the thot of this an of possiblee gettin a sparklie hat so I, Roxie, declarr my-self to be Horse Princess and rool over Polo and the Big Field.

But only on week-ends.


cdncowgirl said...

Roxie, you should get some flash box pictures on your blog showing off your hard work in the english saddle.

LeopardAppy said...

Roxie, we love your answer saddle, and we hope you get a sparklie hat.

Maybe Mae said...

How very smart of you, Roxie, to look up words in the dictionary to make sure they are spelled correctly. Like that Answer saddle, hee hee. :) Smartest horse ever, I say.

Roxie said...

I, Roxie, dislike workin hard in eethur saddul. But I will C whut I can do.