Friday, August 8, 2008

Roommate Horse is Goin to Post

Just to warrn all of yous who reed my Roxie blog. U mite wanna not finnish reeding this enterey. Roommate Horse haz a flash box picsure she wants on the innerwebs. It is a stupid picsure. >:(

It is NOT a stupid picTure! I am simply trying to demonstrate that lovely Thoroughbreds such as myself can wear many hats. And sometimes that includes a barrel racing hat. I am proud of this picture because I look like a real cow horse.

So wher is the picsures uv you ackshully RUNNIN a barrul rayce?

SQUEAL!!! *kick*

Soem answer! I hardlee evun felt that.

This is xtra-funnie cuz guess who is havin REAL picsures of barrul rayces? Frum LAST summurr? Correck, ME. Roxie. Obsurv THIS:

And this:

Oh an 1 more:

SO Roommate Horse is just now lernin how to do barruls and I lerned this like a hole YEER ago. HA. I, Roxie, is the best horse.


Shirley in Texas said...

Running barrels on Roxie has to be like driving a great big truck! Powerfull and deceptively fast. I love the photo of her stretching out for the gallop to the finish line.
Roxie Rocks!

cdncowgirl said...

Way to go Roxie! Hey, did you come get your award yet?

Oh, and just so you know... my TB mare ran barrels until last year. This year I told her to take it easy and "retire" (she's 27) but she gets mad when we load up the boys to go barrel race and she has to stay home.

Funder said...

Roxie, I am so sorry, but clearly Roommate Horse is a real barrel racer and you are not. I can tell this because Roommate Horse has matching neon horse clothes and you have a very tasteful saddle pad and no leg wraps. I think if you got a hot pink breastcollar + halter and fluorescent yellow bell boots you would look more like a real barrel horse.

Clothes make the horse, you know. ;)

Roxie said...

Shirley--Thakns! Ackshully i is not so fast. :-( I trys reel hard tho!
CDN--I is wurkin on a b-log post with awardz. :-) It SHUD be up by noew but Mom is havin a Momday Morning.
Funder--I DUZ has a pink saddul pad! Ackshully i has two of 'em. an pink leg-things. I will haev to post abowt more of my Roxie tacks. Closses DO makes the horse, I, Roxie, uhgree.

Anonymous said...

Horse has matching neon horse clothes and you have a very tasteful horse saddle pad and no horse leg wraps.

Unknown said...

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