Monday, August 25, 2008

I, Roxie, Winned an AWARD

My innernet frend Janet who is a animul commoonicadur givded me an my Roxie blog an AWARD! Her b-log is heer.

This is a neet thing cuz it meens I, Roxie, haev FANS. Ha. Take that, Roommate Horse!

If I unnerstand correcktly, I must now giv awards to my fave-o-rit blogs. So heer is som of the blogs I luv:

Brego the Eventing Percheron. Ther is no poynt in purtending that I m over Brego. Cuz I'm not. :-) Just don't tell my boyfrend Rex.

Klein the Jumping Percheron. Klein is my aege but she is way more alth-- athel-- asth-- . . . she likes to run arownd and jump over things. An she lives in a magic place surrownded by salty watters. Weerd!

Gee Haw Paul the Mule.
This is The Blog that inn-spierded me, Roxie, to beggin writin abowt me an myself an my advenchures. It is a sad thing tho cuz Paul is now in Horse (and Mule) Hevven. So you must reed his blog frum the begginnin start first point in tiem.

It Seemd Like a Good Idear At the Tiem.
This gurl has a Tennissy Wahker horse but she also used to haev a draft like me, Roxie! An she is real funny too.

Imperial Horse Who Needs Sugars.
This is MAXIMUS! He is a Lippy-zahnner. He is real purty, but in a boy horse way. And he has a Roommate Horse too.

There is way more uther blogs that I, Roxie, reed alls the time.

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