Friday, January 30, 2009

I got a peddacure

Yes I did. My byootiful feets is evun more byootiful than usual now cuz they gettded trimmded and cleanded.
Horse Shoe Man sed so. He sez my feets looks good an he likes them.
Oh, i has a new Horse Shoe Man. Old Horse Shoe Man moved away to a plaice that is more warmer. But I like new Horse Shoe Man an he likes me, Roxie, so it is cool.
Roommate Horse had a absess cuz she is stoopid an meen an i dislike her. So that is whut she diserves.
Ther is no picsures cuz Mom lost her Magic Cord That Puts Flash Box Piscures on the Compooter. Sorrie!


Zoe said...

Tell mum to buy a new cord to put piccies on the computer, we want to see you in all your prettyness.
I am getting a pedicure on Monday too. My human says it should be her getting pampered not me.
I took her out for two rides this week!!! She is almost better.

Anonymous said...

"Horse Shoe Man" LOL

Tuffy Horse said...

Oh Roxie,

I hope he is nicer than the "sticker man"!

Every time the sticker man comes out I get a shot in the butt!

Tuffy Horse

Roxie said...

I HAET THAT MAN!! He gives me a shott up my Roxie nose and i HAET him. >:( Altho i gess it is so I don' get strangled.

cdncowgirl said...

I hope your Mom finds her cord soon.
I'm glad your new Horse Shoe Man is nice. There are some bad ones out there, they may seem nice at first but if they don't give you a good pedicure you end up being ouchie.

allhorsestuff said...

Bet your horseshoe MAN is quicker than my horsetrimming GIRL-o-mine!
I herd her say shezz calling Her back-up guy up sooon!