Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Guess Whut

My frend Luna has her own blog. It is bran-new. Mom use to ride Luna a liddle befor she desided that skinnie horses are silly an she shuld get a Draft Horse. And that Draft Horse is me, Roxie.

I was reedin this blog an Luna seems pissy an I, Roxie, reeuhlized that she does NOT know that she is maeking a baby horse in her tummy!

So I know som-thing she dusn't. Cuz Mom is a Gossipper. Hee hee hee.

Heer is a flash box picshure of Luna, she is real pritty.


Angelina said...

Yea, she's pritty awlright, but not as pritty as you, Roxie! Cuz you, Roxie, is a reel horse, a draft one.

Zoe said...

Us chunky monkeys are much better at lots of things than those skinny legged horses. My ancesters used to haul lead from the mines!! Had to be strong for that. We might not be the fastest but my goodness we are strong.
My baby making days are behind me now. No more for me. I lost count of how many I have had about 9 I think. Don't like the sound of that vet person who did things to Luna. Give me a nice handsome stallion any day!!

Roxie said...