Saturday, December 26, 2009


Mom caem an did so many nice Crissmiss things for me, Roxie!

She taeked off my Roxie blanket an i gettded to run around in the areena.

Then she maede me some grains. Theese grains had lots of peppurmints an stuffs in them. I can see the grain frum over the areena wall.

Heer is me peering out on the grain-makin process.


Then i wuz eeting grains an a Jolly Ball was deelivered to my Roxie stall.

Heer is me lookin at it.

It smells liek apples.

I can rolls it arownd!

I is bitey on the handel too.

Crissmiss is so fun!

I hopes everyone else got Jolly Balls an grains an stuffs too.


Frizzle said...

Hhhmmm, sounds like Roxie's Christmas was just like Salem's. He got a light blue Jolly Ball, 2 boxes of candy canes, 5 pounds of apple treats (not all at once, of course), and TWO 5 pound bags of carrots! Yum-o.
Yup, you and Salem must have been very good ponies this year, Rox.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Merry Christmas Roxie

gina said...

Roxie you have a very good mommy to bring you such nice things for Crissmiss.

Zoe said...

Happy new year Roxie. You are wonderful and so talented. I do hope you can eat that green thing. What is the use of things you can't eat?