Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finishing Skool - a breef update

I is lerning about Hot Wahkers. Heer is me, Roxie, on a Hot Wahker.

Trainer Woman Betty says I, Roxie, has a problum with modivation. She thinks that I, Roxie, should use my back mussels, an my reer end, an that I should go onna bit. Well I don't WANNA go onna bit.

Horseonally, I beleev she has too high of expectayshuns.

Jomping fences is fun, tho. An Mom coms out an we do trail riding, an gallops in the Big Feeld, an we taeke walks. I goed for a walk down the road one tiem too, I was suppose to meet lamas but we didn't see anything. What is a lama anyways?


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Roxie, Sir Darby and I both think that humans want us to hurry too much. We have to conserve our energy to escape a predator when ever one shows up. Why was good energy.
I am glad you like going over jumps.

kbryan said...

I love hearing about Roxie's adventures - she is such a pretty girl. Hope she is happy at the trainers.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Do you likes the hotwalker Roxie? It's kinda like a merry-go-round for horseys. Hang in there. At school, there are always some fun classes and some hard classes. The hard stuff will get easier for your muscles if you keep doing what your trainer lady tells you.

Mo said...

Roxie - I knows you haetes the bay horse that lives next to you and you would neveerrr play smoochy kissy-lips wit him - but if you comes bak frum trainin skool wit you reer mussels all toned you will needs to be able to jomp outta the way quicks - sooo - do wots ure told at skool and learns to jomps reeeely good.

Mo said...

Roxie, that reer end of yours is definitely lookin more toned - trainer woman is doin gud.

Dove said...

Hey Roxie about motivation I, Dyno use the ball for motivation. OMG do I love that thing I could chase that thing all day
Bella here, I don't like to jump that much you see I have a hip problem so it's kinda hard.But remember always listen to humans. This is probably a lie but rommer has it that they are smarter than us!!!
Hey Roxie, Roxie here saying every now and then lay off the jumps I mean humans expect you to do them all the time? Really? So lay off.