Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Uncle Scott

My Uncle Scott coms to visit! An I taekes him for a Roxie Ride! Hooray!

He brushes all my Roxie spots an cleens my Roxie foot feets all by his self. An then he puts my saddul on too, an we goes for a ride.

Furst we go arownd in the areena. Uncle Scott is all "Hey Roxie, you is a good horse." an I is all "We shuld go jomp fenses!" an Uncle Scott is all "NOOOOOOO Roxie is a BAD!" but i know he duz not reely mean this.

Then we goes on a trail. Mom rides on my pet horse Luke. She calls him Bad Horse. He is a Bad Horse if he has to go on a trael by his self. But when a Roxie leads teh way, an holds his hoof a-cuz of he is a giant baby, he is Okay Horse.

So i carries Uncle Scott thru a field.

An I carries him thru woods.

And then I carries him on a road!

An then we go back to Horse House an i get Roxie treets. Hooray for Roxie treets!


Lynette said...

Hi, Roxie. I was wondering how your pet horse Luke was doing. You'd think he'd listen, but some horses don't have Roxie smarts. You looked beautiful on your ride.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Roxie you are so brave to teach your pet Luke to be so brave too :) I bet he likes following your big spotted rear :)

Dreaming said...

Hey, Roxie, Doc here. I have to hold Pippin's hoof, too. He's a scaredy cat at times. You are so good to take care of your pet horse. I liked all of the pictures of you on your ride.

Leah Fry said...

Roxie, that was mighty nice of you to take Uncle Scott for a ride and look after scaredy horse.