Monday, March 26, 2012


So just wen I thinks I may haev Roxie faith an trust in Mom again--

She subjeckts me to Veternary Mans.

I get bad hurty neck-shots, an they steals my bludd, an my Roxie teef get grinded.

I can barely shuffle a Roxie feets to ware I must stand an rest until I stops being so woozy.

I is SO sleepy. An drooly.

My Roxie face-cheeks is swollen a liddle from this too. This gets me out of Roxie works for a cuple days tho, so is not ALL bad.

Mom has teef work done reesintly too. So she stays wif me an pets me an tells me I was a Good Roxie for a relly long time until I feels better. She has a Simpathy.


MARGIE said...

What a brave girl you are! Montana and I are very proud of you!

Terry said...

Poor Roxie! You need lots of treats to make it all better.

kbryan said...

Ah Roxie, you have to endure so much. . . You do have a snazzy sporty haircut going on, helps show off your gorgeous curves. Hope you and your ma feel better soon!