Thursday, April 26, 2012

MORE picsures of xc

Mom puts me inna Roxie trailer an takes me to a Deep Creek place.  It is not as far to go as the Toolip Spring place.

There is ALL KIND of things to JOMP here!

Mom's sister, Tiny Marrissa, coms too.  She takes me to find grasses. :)

She also takes picsures of us doing fense jomping.

I goes in watters.

An I jomps DITCHES.

An I gallups SO FAST that i blurs the picsure!

I even whips my tail when Mom asks me to gallup as fast as a Roxie can go.  

(editor's note: 16 mph is not as fast as a Roxie can go) 

And I gets lots of patted and called "good gurl" for being a Best Roxie.

Q: What is bettur than pink Roxie bell boots?
A: Nothing. 

^^ I is looking SO HARD for another fense to jomp!

Then we is all done!!  I goes back to my trailur.  There is these guys near my Roxie trailer who has tents an horses and boom-guns an a CANNON.  This cannon is so loud.  
I donot know what this all is abowt.  Mom seems to.  An Marissa evun has a suggestion that we might go participate in som manner which might cause consternaytion among these peeoples. 

Heer is me at my trailur.  I gets sponged off with watters an now I wants Roxie treets.  

Give me Roxie treets alreddy.

I does get Roxie treets so this is good.  Wen you is a good Roxie, you always get treets.


Alison said...

Oh my, Roxie, it looks like you had a wonderful time and wonderful weather. You look great! Your mom looks pretty sharp, too. I hope you got extra lots of treets for being such an A-number-one bestest Roxie.

PS I'll have to watch your video from home--I'm curious as to what kind of boom-cannon activity might have been going on...

Unknown said...

She is SO cute! Love you Roxie!

Terry said...

You are a very brave girl, Miss Roxie! Love the photos in the water!

Serena said...

I am like 98 percent sure it was a Civil War re-enactment going on.
For the people who can't watch the video, Marissa suggested I re-enact Kevin Costner's suicide ride from the open scene of "Dances with Wolves." :D

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice Roxie

EvenSong said...

Oooh! Looking good! I've been to Deep Creek (to watch). Was this an event, or a practice/clinic?