Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Horse Walt

I gets another new horse frend.  He is behind me in this picsure.

His name is Walt.

He is a Big Horse, such as a Roxie is.

Altho he is not AS big.  He is kind of a fat.  And he is much redder.

I enjoys him.  We does not fight--we just chills out.

He is sad in this picsure cuz of he just mugged on Mom for treets and she was all "Grrrrr, BAD Walt!" an it hurtded his feelings. :(

In this picsure he is scared of a flash box.  He does not know much.

Look how big his feets and legs is!

My Roxie feets an legs is much bigger tho.

Hi, Walt!

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Lisa said...

Hey Roxie, I hope you are enjoying your summer!