Saturday, June 8, 2013

Advenchers! Part 2

So. After my last Roxie Advencher, I goes to have another one!

This one is so weerd tho.

First off I is SOUND ASLEEPS an I suspeckt Mom is coming to grab me. So I walk as FAR AWAY as I can, becuz I do not want to go, but she gets me anyway. :(

I is Rox-ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ
So, being a obeedient Roxie, I gets in my trailur and we is all driving down the road. And then my Roxie trailur gets kina wiggly. An I is all "WHOA!" An Mom must of herd me becuz she slows down, an my trailer is going way slower. An so this continues for a while.

An then we stops! And I heer people talking so I is like "Sweet, we is here now! Where is heer!?" so anyways. I gets out of my trailur an we is in a parking lot in a dusty place and there is tires and work mens everywhere.

And they is all "WHOA that horse is a GIANT HORSE an no WONDER your truck has trubbles!" An Mom makes like MURDER FACE at these mens.

An then my truck an trailur drives off. An Mom an I is in this parking lot, hanging out like, huh. I trys my Roxie best to figure this out but i do not see any oppurtunity to wear a saddul or do works or anything so I is like "Well, let us go eet grasses!" so we did.

I got to go to these tank things! And I got to do SNOOOOOORTS at them to intimidate them! 

Evenshually my truck an trailur come back an the work man gets out and is like "HOLY WOW LADY YOUR ROXIE TRUCK HAS A MAJOR PROBLUM" an Mom is like "um yeah."

So they do some stuff an say som things and Mom calls her Matt. And then we un hook my trock from my trailur, an it goes away. And then we eats more grasses!

There is not much in the way of good grasses so heer is me staring atta road.

There is TRAINS that come by! They is SO LOUD! And I is all "EEP! SCAREY!" an I does a little Roxie dance each time I sees one.

Oh an then a nice Sheriff man coms by an he is all "Are you guys lost?" An he says nice things about my bigness an my Roxie feets. :)

So evenshually I eets all the grasses. So we hang out in the parking lot.

Resting a foot.

Resting a foot vershun 2 point oh  
And I scours the parking lot for ALL TINY EATIBLE THINGS.

Soon enuff, Mom's Matt shows up with a shiney NEW trock! An I hang out with Matt an we watch while Mom does truck hook-up magic stuff, an then I gets in! And we goes down the road again! It is a much more nicer ride this time.

And then I gets to com back out of my trailur and I is back home! Hooray!

I think perr haps  this is not what was plannded for this Advencher but I will still refer to it as one.

It started to rain as Mom took this picture of a Roxie. I tells you, this is a weerd day.


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Oh Roxie, Im so sorry for you AND your mom! Ive had similar adventures and excellent they are not. Once me n a clients horse were stranded high up on an overpass after Jiffy Lube forgot an oil plug n the motor blew up. Towed to an inner city lot with no sign of grass. Yay for crammed hay nets and molasses water! Nother time just me n my trusty dog sat beside a highway after flames came out from under the hood! I was most worried about the trailer but no need...Turned out to just be 4wheel drive fluid n we continued on to NC fine. Wishing you many more excellent adventures (with no unplanned pitstops)! I LOVE your stories and appreciate that you share n make me smile no matter the occasion!

Unknown said...

Breaking down can be very scary for some horses, but you obviously handled it in spectacular Roxie fashion

Dreaming said...

This certainly doesn't sound like an adventure any horse folks would care to have. I'm glad things worked out... ugh!

Funder said...

OMFG. What a good-minded horse you are, Roxie.

kbryan said...

Oh,Roxie, that does sound like an adventure, too bad there weren't more grasses though. Your Mom needs to carry around some emergency snacks for you. And sounds like you have got some more admirers, no surprize there. Your Mom was real lucky to have you along for company when her truck went south. You are awesome!

Lauren said...

I've only been following Roxie for about 7 months now, but I am in love with your blog and it makes me smile everytime I read it. Now, I know you don't technically qualify for the Liebster Award because you have been around for awhile and have too many followers, but I would nominate you anyway if I could!