Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Roxie roundness

There is snow onna ground at my horse house.

This fact does not pervent a Mom frum riding me any ways.

We goes over rail rode ties.

And we works on going side ways. 

Here is a good exampel of me being soooooooooooooo Roxie cute! And Trixie looking like she is bad and domb.

And here is me halping Mom get the mail, when the nice mail bringer lady drives up. 

I hope Mom appreshiates all this stuff I does for her.

We donot just work in the snow tho. I goes on lots of trailur rides to places where I can be rided indoors.

At this perticular lesson, we is standing around an discussing how som times horses does not want to go where humins wants them to go. Like such as going into trailurs. Little Trixie has deecided she does not go into trailurs any more, at leest not the first like 500 tries anyway.

This. For 2+ hours.
Gena the trainer laydee says "well all my horses is SO so good to leed, that i could bring them into my human house I bet." And Mom pipes up as says "well you could take Roxie in there too" an I is so proud an happie that Mom thinks so highly of my Roxie obediense. 

Then Mom says, "well, i mean. Roxie would TRY to go in your house. But she'd probly get stuck in your door."


Som one tell Mom it is not verry nice to make fun of my Roxie roundness.  


Unknown said...

Tell your mom that real stallions love volumptious Roxies

Roxie said...

!!! They DO! All boy horses love my Roxie size. :]

Tracy said...

Tell mom that you just LOOK round because you are growing lots of hair to keep you warm! And if she wants you to be skinny, she should buy you lots and lots of fashionable blankets, haha

Alison said...

All that Roxie roundness is what makes you so good at jomping! Maybe your mom was bragging about your roundness, like "My Roxie is too amazing to go in your house." Anyway, I bet the mail bringer lady was excited to be able to hand the mail right to a Roxie rider, even if it meant stretching up so far.