Friday, October 17, 2014

Herd up-date

So. I would liek to up-date every one on the status of mah Roxie herd.

I is still here.

Roomate Horse and her weerd white spots is still here.


Sweetie Baby is still here.

Trixie goed off to live with a trael rider lady. 

Everyone is much happier. Trix loves her new lady, and us horses here is now much less kick-bitten. 

A big new horse arrives not long after Trixie leaves.

He is a bigger and oglier version of Roommate Horse. 

He is big and skinnie and has a bum leg. A steddy stream of horse helper hoomans comes to see him. He gets chiro pracking, and massahzjes. And all these vets and hoof people comes. Sometimes they look at him, sometimes they watch him move, som times they feel his bum leg and be all "mutter mutter" about it.

Finally one vet comes an he has a fancie mochine that sees thru your skins. He puts the seeing thing on Big Ogly and is all "Ooh, this isn't look good." And mom goes all sad about it.

I donut think his bum leg can get less bum. :(

He goed to a new veternary man yesserday. An he did not come back. And then Mom comes back and hugs me an is all sniffelly. I donot know what he did to make her be so sad.


AnEnglishRider said...

Oh no Roxie :( poor new ugly horse.

I got the draft princess that I train a new ugly horse friend that was skinny also and something like that happened to her, so you just be there for your mom ok?

jenj said...

Hugs to your human, Roxie.

SprinklerBandit said...

Sad day.

Susan said...

So sorry :(

Jenny said...

Oh no, be extra Roxie Sweet to your Mama. All my best to her.

Anonymous said...

Doing some catch up reading on this blog. Hugs to your human, Roxie!

Serena said...

For those aren't on my Facebook, who want to know what happened:

Raja was given to me in mid-September. All I knew going in was that he was a 13 year old thoroughbred, big, goofy, talented, supposedly sound but recovering from a wound to his right hind leg (possibly a bite from a snake or a spider) which had happened this spring.

When I picked him up on Sept 16th, the wound was actually still open(!) and his whole leg was swollen. The previous owner had never called a vet to come look at it.

Working with multiple local vets, I got the wound to close and scab over, but it was too late. The chronic inflammation had caused scarring inside his leg, which caused his suspensory ligament to fall apart. It had so many lesions that the scar tissue literally caused it to get stuck to his flexor tendons. He didn’t have full use of the leg any more, and never would, and his right hip was atrophied from compensating for the pain. The suspensory ligament was also collapsing and was full of holes and tears. It looked shredded on his first ultrasound, and it looked like swiss cheese on his second one.

3 different vets told me he would never be sound enough to do more than walk around the pasture, and even that was a best-case scenario and a lifetime on pain meds.

Poor poor big man. He deserved a chance at life but it was too late by the time he came to me.

kbryan said...

This a sad end for the big ughly horse, but you did everything you could. I am glad to hear that Trixie has a new home. You hang in there, and go hug on Miz Roxy.