Sunday, October 25, 2015


I has been jomping too. I donut meen for you all to think that i has hung up my teeny saddul.

Mom and I goes to a jomping show at the same place as my wesstern dressahzj place. We jomps!

Our photographer's timing was off a liddle. But that is OK becuz ther is also video!

We does 2 rounds. heer is the first and then heer is the second

We wins ribbins! and a Pink bag for my Roxie treets!

My Pink bag says CHAMPION because that is what I is, a Champion Roxie. :]


Cathryn said...

Congratulations, Champion Roxie!!

emma said...

way to go Roxie!

kbryan said...

Very nice! How is it that you just become more beautiful and talented with each passing day? You have done well training your human, I know we humans are such a trial at times. Keep up the good work!

kbryan said...

Well done! Roxie rocks! And her Mom does too.