Sunday, March 20, 2016

I is Trael Guide

So wen you is Roxie. Your bigness and stedyness means that you get given Importent Jobs. Like you will carry some one who has never relly been on a horse befor, because you is Roxie and you is big and trusty.

Heer is me carrying Mom's bruther from a wile back:

Or liek you will be the Pony Horse bc you are a leader:

It is good to be trusty.

So becuz of this. I is Sweet Potato's leader horse on her first trail expedishun. We just goes down the rode, but she is all looky and boogle eyed at all the peeple and cars and sheeps and other horses and mail boxes and dogs and powerbox things and culvurts and that one guy who was shooting a gun, so it is good for me to be there.

Especially when this shaggy monnster-thing comes gallumphing over. Mom hadn't got on yet, which was good becuz Potater was all Whirlsnort Hightail.

But she did good! Becuz I is Roxie an I is a good example.


Piccolopony said...

Way to go Roxie! You show that baby horse how to be calm :)

Cathryn said...

Good job, Roxie!

emma said...

Ha baby potato looks like she is trying to impersonate the alpaca lol

SprinklerBandit said...


Can "Whirlsnort Hightail" be a snow name? Because it needs to be.

Roxie said...

LOL that is a good name

Perrhaps Potato an the shaggy weerd amimal are related. They are both red and weerd and long-necky an boogle eyed and run-aroundy.

Unknown said...

All horses need a trusty steed by their side on new adventures!

Anonymous said...

Go Roxie go! Sydney gets used for much of the same on a semi-frequent basis. Especially at shows where other horses take offense to the judge box or the decorative flowers.