Sunday, April 29, 2018

Still here, baybee


I know you all is all "Wherza Roxie baby gimme Roxie baby picsures" but. Franklee I is still cookin baby so you all must keep your hooman pantees on.

Bossin a Potato

I is gettin uncomfortubble. Babbo is kickin me inside myself and i is all like "STOP IT" and i try to gentlebite to make baybee stop but that is a problem because biting myself is no reel solution. And still it kicks. SO. I is all "you just wait til you get here and then there will be some reckoning young babypone."

You know what *is* reel cool tho?

This whole thing where I get Roxie grains like 2 or 3 times a day WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES IT WAS REQUESTED.

Oh man. It is the best. Theres vitamins and flaxes and two different kinds of pellet. Nummy num num.

Check out my huge Roxie-smile

Anyways. Hold your breth til mid May time.

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kbryan said...

Looking forward to a safe delivery and a Roxy baybee. So glad you are taking such good care of her, she needs her grains and treats! I hope you'll tell us who the sire is and what he looks like. No matter who it is, Roxy could ONLY produce a gorgeous foal!