Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Hie friends! I forgets to blog again. 

This is ok tho because my life is quiet. 

Liek here is a pic of me from 10 minutes ago. I is winter fuzzy and just doin the rest and recharge thing.

But maybe there will be more blogs? This one is a experimint to see if blogging is ok when done from a human fone or if it turns out looking dumbly.


Tervpack said...

Hi Roxie! Your winter fuzzies are beautiful, and so is your phone post. Your fans want more Roxie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxie! Good to see you nice and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome and so glad to see the update! Hope all are well and look forward to more Roxie Adventures!

Del said...

Hi Roxie!