Monday, March 24, 2008

D Wormer

So Mom came out and rided me on Saturday. I gots to wear my loffly pink saddle pad. :-) It goes nice with my bay roan hairs. I is very good to ride and i is especially good for Mom. It snowded again and the snow was slidey on the roof like usual and I ignored it! It is nothin' like when someone shoots a gun off of you so it is not so much a big deal.
Afferwards i got brushded and this is nice too. My longish hairs is fallin' out and I is itchy kinda.
When i was gettin' brushded and gettin' my roach haircut (flash box pictures soon, i is promisin') a lady coms up and sez "Oh, he is nice! What breed is he?" He?!? HE??!??! I is NOT a He. Mom sure don't think so either cuz it took her a secund to figure what the lady wuz talkin' about.
I mean, come on. I is ROXIE. Roxie is a girl's name. Cuz Roxie is a girl. A great big girl.
So Mom kept brushin' on me and she wuz brushin' my sholder and I reached aroun and found somthin' in her pocket and i grabbed it and nibbled it. Mom laughed and tookded it frum me and then gave it back to me in my mouf and then my mouf tastded bad BAD bad and i wuz like, "O no, it's D Wormer." I fergot about D Wormer. It is bitter and not good to eat and it looks like bird doots. Add to the list of things I, Roxie, dislikes: D Wormer.
And then the lady who thought i is a boy horse laughed at me. Hhhmph. Shudda stepped on her or somthin'. You gotta gets their respect. With yr foot.
See if I is good for Mom next times she rides!
Altho i did gets grain foods and a haircut so mebbe I will be nice.


kerrie said...

Roxie! You hafta be nice for mom cuz she has all the treats and goodies! Just be mean to the lady who thinks you are a he! How could anybody think you are a he with those beeUtiful big brown eyes? Can't wait to see new pictures! Can I be vice president of your fan club? I know your mom is president, but maybe she won't mind me being vice president?

Maximus said...

mmm. you're big and red. I like big women. so I added you to my blog. Paul the mule inspired me to write too. my blog is from my point of view too.

Roxie said...

I loff yer blog. Paul the mule inspired me, Roxie, too, but your blog inspired me some more cuz you are royelty.
I like that you is mean to wolfs. The wolf at my horse house doesn't get close enuff to bite but i m jelous you got to bite one.