Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Foot foot foot foot - i has four feets

I is visited by Horse Shoe Man today. Not so bad as is usual cuz i di'int get shoos. I getted trimmed. My big byootiful feets wuz raggedy and kinda wingin' out and kinda pointy like Perchey feet sorta tend ta get. And I, Roxie, is goin' out in publick this weekend so no more raggedy foot feets. Whut is 'mownted shooting' anyways? Oh well, I is going to find out on Saturday. Mebbe there is treats and foods and stuffs.
I did not stand good for Horse Shoe Man. I leaned all over and pretenned like my foots kept falling off the Foot Holder when reelly i wuz bein sneaky. An i stuck my byootiful nose in the shiny flash box too. Heh. I don' know whut the shiny flash box is all about but Mom likes to flash it at me.
And the horse in the stall next to my head wuz pitchin' a big fit too. Don' know whut her deel wuz. Mom said she iz a Sad-Dull-Bred but she is not sad or dull. Mor like hoppy and reary and mean-o. Probly just jealous of me, Roxie, and all the attention i's getting from Horse Shoe Man.

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